Career Schools VS Traditional Colleges

college_gradEducation serves as the means to bring about the changes in a society and to develop a generation of individuals to contribute to the development of good human beings. The main purpose of education is to gain knowledge and indicate the proper conducts and acquire competency. Education serves as the means to develop and to grow physically, mentally and socially. Education is important for the youths especially during their growing stage since it is where they develop the principles in life and makes career decisions while pursuing their own goals as well.

Education also should consist of the training that is needed for their field of interest. The education defines the person’s career objectives, decides what they want from life and helps them in achieving success in the field of interest. Education also aims at helping an individual to form a skill set and work on it to develop expertise in that area. Education consists of courses that can help the youths with the careers and aims of life. Education opens a lot of opportunities in different fields. It also helps the youths in pursuing their likes. It also enables them to go into new fields and explore new areas and helping them realize their goals.

When the students are looking into different colleges, there are different kinds of college environments to pick from. There are advantages to both the technical colleges and the traditional school or four year institutions. Students should take into consideration their areas of study and learning style in order to make a decision. Taking into consideration your wants in picking up careers would be a great help for success. If you love anatomy,then take the phlebotomist career or at any medical technician career courses for instance. Such as dental assistant, ultrasound sonographer and more.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to a two year technical or career college for students who know what kind of field they want to start a career in. Starting a career in medical biller and coder, respiratory therapy and a lot more needs a firm foundation. The class size is smaller at technical colleges and students receive a more one-on-one instruction from professionals. Students also pay less in the tuition fees and their program can be finished in a short span of time. Students in a two year or technical school have an edge over those students you graduated in a traditional college because they have real world experience. . The average time to obtain a degree from a technical school is two years. The coursework in a technical school is usually focused on the skills. Most of the classes are offered during the day and some at night especially for those students who wanted to work while still pursuing a degree.

Also, having been through the said career would enable each student to have a job which actually pays more than enough. Such as in CNA Salary, Technical career salaries, and to whatever career each student is about to pursue. We must as well the massage therapy career on the lists of the programs we could pick up to. Thus, being on a higher stage of these careers, registered  nurse, therapist, radiologist and above mentioned careers, would lead to a great way of improving yourself and expanding the horizon of your learning.

So in looking for a technical school, begin with a little self examination. An individual should be able to understand their own motivations in wanting to purse a profession. They also have to understand if the profession is consistent with their work and life goals. Once a person is comfortable with their own motivations, they must assess the profession itself.

The person must assess the profession by understanding the job market for the profession, the income, the work environment and the potential of the person to grow personally and professionally. Next is y assessing the school and the best place to start is by creating a lot of schools that offer programs for your chosen profession. The list also includes schools that are more convenient and the schools offer appropriate programs of study. It is also important to make sure that the school is accredited. Accreditation is the process of a qualitative review by a reviewing agency. And any educational institution that is accredited by an accrediting agency can certainly meet the quality standards. This will give all the knowledge and skills needed by the student to make their careers more successful.

So on the other hand, what can a traditional college do for you? Traditional colleges are an excellent option for one who can afford to spend for years in college. It is also worth considering for those who wanted to have a well rounded education. One can also meet an extremely knowledgeable faculty to make sure that you have been equipped with everything that you have needed. Those people getting into traditional schools are also known to be able to make more for their starting salaries that those who are in a career or technical school. This is because those people who go to traditional schools are going to schools that people know and recognize. Being in a traditional school will provide the students with degree recognition needed to be successful. On the other hand, a traditional school also has its disadvantages. Traditional schools cannot place people into careers just like what career colleges can do. Career colleges are made to prepare their students with a specific work in an area thus making them more attractive to those who are looking for new employees.

Starting a Career as a Medical Biller and Coder

Medical billing and coding are two jobs that are important in the world of health administration. The goal of this job is to give billing and account services to track down and assure that the health institution is being paid properly for the services that it has given to the patients. These professionals are responsible in the flow of data among the doctors, patients and insurance companies. Medical billers work by dealing with the patients and also with the insurance companies. Insurance companies always ask for a statement of the services one by the health institution including the patient’s medical record. So, the job of the medical biller is to provide what the insurance company needs. Each medical service has a corresponding code to label a certain treatment or diagnostic procedure. The job of the medical coder on the other hand is to provide the information using the coding system to make a statement. If the statement of accounts is accepted in the data base then the bills are paid accordingly. But if rejected, the medical coder must check again for any errors.

Medical coding and billing programs are beginning to gain more importance due to the increase in demand for skilled and expert professionals in the health care industry. These medical billers and coders have an important role in certain areas and do specialized services in insurance companies and in physician’s clinics. Although a lot of schools and online colleges offer courses but because of the importance of these specialized individuals, looking for the appropriate school is an important consideration. It has always been the best option to follow the course or program accredited by the states accrediting body so that you will be able to take these courses may it be online or not considering your own convenience.

Before you go and take these courses, it is important to be careful and look for one which is not only known but will ensure that it pays off the worth of it. As a basic step, it is important for a person to know all the information connected with the university or school they are becoming interested in. Check the alumni reports and reviews of these schools. Also check if the school is also accredited and one can contact a lecturer on the university to get an overview of the school.

Next is also to take the orientation classes before you think of enrolling yourself. The orientation phase will lay all the things that you need to know including whether they only give certification like CNA or they may also provide an associate degree. Having an associate degree is now in greater demand thus it is important to go for courses that can offer both medical billing and coding courses. Try to ask those people who is recently enrolled in a medical billing and coding course which the school offers. Importantly, one should take in to consideration the fees since students do not have the same financial situations. Be sure that you are paying for the amount that is worth it.

Duties of a Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists are responsible for collecting and preparing blood samples that will undergo laboratory testing. They must have the knowledge and understanding of the safety precautions needed to be followed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases when handling and collecting blood samples. Phlebotomists must be familiar with skin punctures, venipunctures and different collection techniques. It is important for them to know what tests are needed to be done and what medications and diets can affect the result.

Phlebotomy technicians must complete a phlebotomy education and training that consist of hands on training and lectures. Programs for a phlebotomy training are available in different community colleges, vocational and technical school. Training for phlebotomy technicians consist of safety, handling and collection of blood specimens and skin puncture techniques. The training in becoming a phlebotomist varies. The coursework includes subjects on anatomy and physiology regarding the circulatory system, respiratory, urinary, muscular and skeletal system. Phlebotomists study about blood cells and its composition. Practical hands on phlebotomist training are also an important part. Students will be able to learn how to get blood by venipuncture. There are also techniques that are used for different ages. Additional hands on courses also includes specimen handling, labeling, sorting and preparation. All of these are intended to keep the process as organized as possible. Phlebotomists should also learn on how to handle the specimens properly you protect the integrity of the samples to have a better outcome.

Phlebotomist’s follow a standard work schedule of typically 40 hours a week for five days and required to work in three different shifts which is day, afternoon and night. Phlebotomists do not require a large amount of physical activity like heavy lifting’s but most of their time is spent on walking and standing. Becoming a phlebotomist varies but generally a high school education is required to become one. A lot of programs are available through colleges and vocational schools. These programs help prepare phlebotomists for their responsibilities and the things that may encounter on the job.

Students enrolled in a phlebotomist school receive both classroom and clinical instruction including blood collection, blood storage, procedures and tests. These phlebotomy trainings prepare the students for national certification exams. This is to help them qualify the certification exam. A certifying and licensing exam will prove how competent and ready you are to take the next step and entering the world of health care.

The median salary for a phlebotomist is about $29,000 to $30,000 a year like of the radiology technician. Phlebotomist also makes a starting hourly wage of around $10 to $12 with those having 5 years of experience. Most of these phlebotomists earn a salary between $25,000 and $31,000 a year but these factors still depends on the place of the employment. Hospitals with a lot of employees pay the highest amount of salary for their phlebotomists which are $15 an hour with a top pay of $17 an hour. With experience, phlebotomists can advance to supervisory positions or medical administrative management and make a higher salary.

Working Towards a Higher Paying CNA Salary

A nursing assistant can find many opportunities to work and practice his profession. Healthcare jobs are definitely on the rise thanks to the demands of society. Nursing assistants are just one of the many career opportunities that have sprouted in healthcare. They are considered vital members of the healthcare team because of the role they play. While registered nurses were traditionally the healthcare providers who aided physically unable patients, their jobs have become much more detailed and defined over the years. Now the registered nurses have to give way to the certified nursing assistants who can perform the functions they once did themselves. These functions include bathing, dressing, and feeding, in addition to positioning a patient who need help. Nursing assistants are employed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and possibly even in nursing homes. They require little or no supervision for the work they provide to the patients and are often under the care of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

The certified nursing assistant salary is not that high, but it is usually above average for most people. In the field of healthcare, experience is a must in order to earn a high certified nursing assistant salary. Employers are constantly on the search for certified nursing assistants who have had prior working experience because it is easier for these experienced CNA’s to adjust to the working environment. Other employers are more than willing to hire an entry level graduate and train him as their own.

The journey towards becoming a certified assistant can depend on the state you live in. There are a lot of local healthcare facilities that offer free training to candidates with no healthcare experience. Some facilities offer to pay you while you train in their hospital if you sign a contract with them. You can earn your formal education through the Red Cross or some other community college, where you are trained by a qualified healthcare professional- usually a nurse- to perform activities such as vital signs taking and standard first aid along with cardiopulmonary certification. The training provided by the schools includes theoretical as well as practical training. Much of the job done by certified nursing assistants in the hospital involves direct contact. Studying in the Red Cross or a Community College is more advantageous than being hired directly by the hospital because this means that you will earn certification. The certification is usually obtained by taking a practical and theoretical exam. The exam will not be too hard if you’ve studied the basic principles in rendering care to a patient.

Once you’ve earned your certification and have been called by a prospective employer for an interview, be confident and try to shine! Many applicants don’t get hired not because they lack the credentials, but because they don’t have the capacity to develop rapport with the interviewer. An interviewer will likely gauge your certified nursing assistant salary worth by the way you present yourself in front of him. During the interview, don’t forget to smile and simply be yourself.

Emergency Medical Technician Career Outlook

Emergency medical technicians or also known as EMT’s are responders that are trained to provide care for the sick and injured and move them to a medical facility for further care and management. These emergency medical technicians work as a member of the team and they can also ask help and assistance from fire and police departments.

While these EMT’s transports the patients to the health care facility, the team can work with the members of the health care team within the institution. When these emergency medical technicians arrive at the scene, they assess the individuals and identify the nature and severity of their injuries and other conditions needed to be considered like diabetes and epilepsy. These medical technicians has the responsibility to open airways, control hemorrhage, treat shock, administer medications, give oxygen, assists in childbirth, use defibrillators and other basic procedures like splinting and immobilization. After the emergency operation, emergency medical technicians replace all supplies used in the ambulance, checks if the equipments are still functioning, and cleans and decontaminates the ambulance if the patient has infectious and contagious disease.

Emergency medical technicians must be emotionally stable, have a good agility and physical coordination. They must have a calm attitude and should know how to react faster during life and death situations. These emergency medical technicians work both indoors and outdoors and spend almost all their time standing, bending, sitting, lifting and etc. These EMT’s also work with people that have infectious diseases and with different behaviors. Though this job may be as strenuous and taxing, still a lot of people find this job exciting and rewarding at the same time.

For those who wanted to have a very challenging job, being an emergency medical technician is right for you. But what does it take to be a good emergency medical technician? In every profession that one wants to be including being an EMT, having an emergency medical technician education comes first. A lot of emergency medical technician schools offer a curriculum with 200 to 250 hours of classroom instructions like lectures and practicals on laboratory, ambulance experience and internships. The emergency medical technician education includes instructions on how to deal with patients having hemorrhage, airway obstructions, fractures and patients with arrest. For that taking emergency medical technician program in the intermediate level, it consists of 60 to 80 hours of instruction. These include trainings on patient assessments, administering intravenous fluids and etc. For those taking the highest level which is the Paramedic, it has 1100 to 1400 hours of instructions. When these students have already completed the entire program, they will be receiving certificates. A lot of emergency medical technician schools offer a two year associate degree.

Emergency medical technicians are also rewarded financially since they are doing a lot of challenging jobs. The highest salary for most emergency medical technicians is $40,000. The top paying job is for the firefighters and policemen. The salary also depends on the location of the workplace. Emergency medical technicians working in top paying states expect to earn more.

Dental Assistant Programs

The general task of the dental assistant is to hand the correct tools and instruments needed during the treatment. Dental assistants usually work in private clinics. Some are employed in dental schools, hospitals and other health care institutions. It is also the task of the dental assistant to prepare the patients for the examinations and treatments to be done. Handing instruments and holding a suction tool is also a part of their job. The suction machine keeps the patient’s mouth dry so that the dentist can do the job well.

The dental assistants also make sure that all stocks are delivered and available. They also remove sutures under the supervision of a dentist. They also apply anesthesia to the patient’s gums prior to procedure. Dental assistants also take x-rays. X-ray machines are used to give the dentist a clear picture on underlying teeth or gum problems. Dental assistants also sterilize all equipments and mix all compounds for filling and cleaning. They also make cast materials are makes sure that all equipments are working well. Dental assistants keep all medical records and notes on the appointments of each patient. They also receive the patient’s payment after the procedure. Dental assistants give advices to the patient’s about their dental care and educate them on what factors may cause to ay gum or tooth decay. A dental assistant collects and notes down the patient’s medical history.

Nowadays, most dentists require their dental assistants to complete a dental assistant education program. In some states, they limit the task and responsibilities of the dental assistants that has not completed the coursework. Dental assistant training programs are now offered in a lot of dental assistant schools like colleges, universities and technical schools. The first requirement needed is a high school diploma. After deciding to really take a course on dental assistant, find a school that is accredited by the accreditation agency. These dental assistant schools offer coursework with laboratory and lecture instructions. Most dental assistants take one year or less to be completed. Some also prefer to take a two year program that can give them an associate degree. Dental assistants must be reliable and can work well even under such pressure. Dental assistants should know how to communicate since they are dealing with different kinds of people. Dental assistants must have a license and must pass written and oral examinations. When a dental assistant is licensed, the scope their duties are wide ranged and it can prove that they have the skills and knowledge needed to be a great dental assistant.

The dental assistant median salary is $31,000. The hourly rate for a dental assistant is $15. Most full time dental assistants are employed as private practitioners and receive a lot of benefits including a vacation leave with pay. Becoming a dental assistant is really a great choice. The dental assistant programs are really found everywhere in college or community schools. There are a lot of factors that also affects the salary and these are the location of the work, work experience and education.

Respiratory Therapy, Career Description and Salary

Healthcare institutions are always in demand of medical professionals that can provide assistance and quality care to patients. We all know that the most in demand professions today are the nurses, doctors and surgical technicians. But, respiratory therapist is now growing fast in the field of medicine and can be a great career for young aspirants. So, for those who wanted to have a career as a respiratory therapist this article can help you understand what is a respiratory therapist?

Respiratory therapists or also known as inhalation therapists, deals with patients with respiratory problems from the infants up to the elderly. These respiratory therapists work in hospitals or other health institutions with the supervision of doctors. Respiratory therapists provide care, assistance, medical attention and emotional support to the patients and their families. They are responsible in operating equipments and inspecting it to make sure that it works well and has no malfunctions or defects.


The oxygen is one of those machines that they work with. Doctors usually give the respiratory therapists the prescriptions on medicines and dosages that are needed to be given to the patient. It is significant for every respiratory therapist to be aware of the different dangers that can happen in every treatment. They should keep on observing the patient while on treatment any report any unusual symptoms to the physician. It is also a part of the respiratory therapist’s job to provide information to the other members of the healthcare team like co-workers, physicians and nurses. It is also their responsibility to gather data and information regarding the patient. Respiratory therapist also works in emergency situations. They also perform test like blood gas analysis that identifies the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body and pH determination that can identify if the blood is acidic or alkaline.

Being a respiratory therapist, a person needs to have a respiratory therapist’s education. Having an education is the first step in reaching a person’s dream of becoming a respiratory therapist. There are a lot of respiratory therapist schools out there offering this education. One must choose an accredited university, college or vocational school. These schools offer both an associate and baccalaureate degree. If one is looking for a job, employers usually look for those with an associate degree. Having a certificate takes two years to complete. Schools offer subjects like science, anatomy and physiology in order to understand how the body functions especially the respiratory system. They also include subjects on how to use the equipments and how to do the procedure. Students are also exposed in the clinical area to have their internships.

Respiratory therapist’s salary depends on certain factors like the location of the work and the years of experience. If a person is working in a small town then the wage may range from $21 and below an hour. This may be due to the cost of living and other factors. Low salaries are usually in the rural areas. The highest paid respiratory therapist is usually in the urban areas. The respiratory therapist may range from $32 and above an hour.

What Does an Ultrasound Sonographer Do?

An ultrasound technician is someone who works with a machine called a sonogram. They work with physicians to find out what’s wrong with the patient by taking images inside the body. This is done with the help of a machine called a sonogram. The patient’s body is positioned at a certain angle, and a cold gel is applied on the area. The purpose of the gel is to ensure proper viewing of the areas to be seen on the monitor. With a large pen like object called a transducer, the sonographer takes images of the organs by gently tracing the surface of the body with the help of the gel. The sonogram works by transmitting high frequency sound waves throughout the body. Much like a bat’s echo, when the sound waves hit solid surfaces like bones and organs, the sound bounces back to the transducer, producing a real time image of the patient’s tissue and other parts of the body. The image is viewed on a highly advanced monitor, where the ultrasound technician can see it. Once the targeted organ is viewed, the ultrasound technician takes a picture of it and interprets her results for the physician’s use.

Ultrasound technicians are respected in there field and are able to work in hospitals, baby wellness centers and diagnostic imaging centers. Many generalize that the job of an ultrasound technician is limited to viewing babies in the womb before they are born, but the principles of sonography actually extend well beyond the confines of pregnancy. Many physicians and nurse practitioners actually use sonograms to detect various conditions as they are happening, Because of the machine’s ability to see the body in real time, doctors- with the help of an ultrasound technician- can view the body tissues, organs, and arteries and find the specific problem that requires intervention. Many doctors actually prefer diagnosing patients with the use of sonograms because it is painless, non-invasive and requires little preparation. Patients are advised not to eat eight hours prior to the procedure, which is why most ultrasound check-ups are scheduled in the morning when patients have had at least eight hours of sleep. An hour prior to the exam, the patients are instructed to water load so that when their bladder extends, the organs can be viewed better by the ultrasonographers.

Technicians with loads of experience under their belt earn a higher salary than technicians without any experience. It is important to keep in mind that the average ultrasound technician salary will typically fluctuate based on a persons experience and schooling. The learning never stops for an ultrasound technician because additional education is available in schools that offer specialty trainings. In these trainings, an ultrasound physician can specialize in six possible areas. Echocardiography for the heart, breast sonography, neurosonography for the brain, abdominal sonography for the organs in the stomach, vascular sonography for veins and arteries, and the most popular, obstetrics and gynecology sonography.

Massage Therapy as a Career Choice

Today, there has been an increase in demand for massage therapists. Massage therapist makes use of techniques or methods of massage in order to provide relief to pain, muscle strains and reduces stress. Massage upholds the general health of an individual by improving blood circulation. Massage therapist’s works in spa, nursing homes, fitness centers and hotels. Almost all massage therapists are self employed and also accepts home services for the clients. Clients may also contact them to schedule appointments then the therapist will ask for the medical history and health problems to determine what type of massage is applicable for the client. Sometimes they keep in touch with the health care professionals like the physician’s regarding the treatment plan of the client. One session usually takes fifteen minutes up to an hour depending on the type of massage.

Massage therapists uses oil or lotion to keep the customer relaxed. They will then spread the oil or lotion in areas of discomfort and begins to massage it by kneading or stroking the skin. Massage is therapeutic and can give a great benefit to the body since it improves the circulation of the blood and keeps the muscles of the body tight. The therapist’s use their hands in giving a massage. Some uses steam or infrared light treatments. These treatments usually depend on the request of the clients or the order of the physician. Since massage therapists deal will people, they should have a great interpersonal and communication skill to make their clients comfortable.

Trainings and requirements needed by a massage therapy school depends on the institution or the State. Today, students can get a certificate or diploma after finishing their massage therapy education. Upon enrollment in a massage therapy school, students will be taught on a wide range of topics like anatomy and physiology, ethics, hands-on trainings, and how to perform different types of massage. Some even take advanced massage therapy education to learn more about the types of massages including acupunctures, hot stones, reflexology and a lot more. Because massage therapists are in demand, a strong and high quality of education will give a person the edge since competition for this profession is starting to happen.

A high quality of education depends on which of the massage therapy schools the student chooses. It is always important to choose a school that is accredited because it will assure an individual that they will be provided with the best education in preparation for their future. Whether a person is planning to have his or her own spa, they will be confident to do their jobs because they believe on the skills and knowledge that they have. Massage therapy education may be completed for months with both theoretical and practical works. They also need to pass the National Certification exam. Those who had their advanced massage therapy education will also be having their own licenses.

Massage therapists salary also depends on a lot of things. Since, almost all massage therapists are self employed they do not have that fixed salary. They usually charge $60 to $70 per hour in metropolitan cities and $30 to $40 per hour in rural areas. For those who are working in health institutions like clinics or spa, they may have an annual wage of $35,000.

Registered Nursing Career Oppurtunities

A registered nurse has a number of career opportunities. They can choose to grow, be advanced or perhaps change the direction of their career. It depends on their interests; working with children, dealing with scientific procedures and high tech equipment, teaching and promoting healthy practices or developing their management skills. They do have a lot of options. Here are some examples or areas where they can work. In the community: schools, health centers, doctor’s offices, home care, rehabilitation centers, AIDS facilities and a lot more. In a hospital: intensive care unit(ICU), operating room, emergency room, maternity, oncology, pediatrics, cardiovascular and a lot more.

Being a registered nurse opens doors of opportunities. There are health centers in the world that are run completely by nurses. Some nurses choose to serve their own community, while others would like to venture to other places or countries. The good thing about being a registered nurse is that your options are not limited. Once you become a master of your craft and you pursue further studies, the opportunities will branch out in all directions. If you earn a master’s degree and become an advanced practice nurse, then you can deal directly with patients and even become a consultant to other practicing nurses.

You could also focus on research if you want. Your job is to design studies, collect data and analyze results. You can investigate on current health issues and discover new things about it. Your findings can be helpful to the scientific knowledge and may aid in the improvement of nursing. Being a registered nurse means being a leader. You can educate people on how to prevent illnesses and manage their health issues. You could also teach aspiring student nurses and be their clinical instructor. You could also be a nurse administrator and arrange nursing services in a hospital or community health center. It is not easy to be such as you have to handle big budgets, manage the staff and strive for excellence in health care and services.

Any of the things that I’ve mentioned could lead you even higher on your career. Nurses’ ideas are deemed important by the media, politicians, national and international groups. If you just do good on your job and strive hard to become a master of your craft, you might be a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO). Or you could travel to another country. Since there is a shortage of nurses, they are currently in demand all over the world. If you just persevere, then the possibilities are endless. Registered nurses are also hired by attorneys, physicians, schools, ambulatory and even insurance companies. Some are even independent consultants for themselves or they work for large manufacturers or chemical companies. Research nurses by the way conduct researches and evaluation in many areas such as biology, psychology, human development and health care systems. The average registered nurse salary in the United States can reach up to $60,000, while the lowest salary would at least be $43,000.